additional reading Protecting your privacy is important to us at Casey Gardens. We hope the following statement will help you understand how Casey Gardens collects, uses, discloses, holds and safeguards your personal information.
Casey Gardens prides itself on offering the highest standards in customer service being an organisation with a reputation for providing comprehensive accommodation. Casey Gardens will continue to treat your privacy as being of utmost importance as it is recognised as an integral part of our business processes and procedures.

Recommended Reading The National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act set the standard for how private sector organisations should handle personal information.
Casey Gardens is committed to complying with this standard.
This Casey Gardens Privacy Charter defines our commitment to protecting the privacy of our operators and guests.

1. Why Do We Collect Personal Information?
2.1 How Do We Collect The Information?
2.2 What Sort Of Personal Information Do We Collect?
3. How We Use Your Personal Information
4. Quality of Information
5. Security of Personal Information
6. Disclosure of Personal Information
7.1 Contractors
7.2 Other Disclosure of Information
8. How Long Do We Keep Information?
9. Our Employees and Training
10. Your Rights Of Access And Correction
11. How to Complain About a Possible Breach of Privacy

web de citas madison 1. Why Do We Collect Personal Information?
If you want to take advantage of our facilities or accommodation, we will need to collect some personal information from you to process your application.
We only collect information that we need:
To establish your accommodation application within Casey Gardens
To service or carry out maintenance on the accommodation;
To offer you new facilities or services, which we believe may interest you; and
To satisfy any legal requirements.

martial arts dating singles 2.1 How Do We Collect The Information?
We try to collect information about you only from you. However, there are limited circumstances where we may have to collect personal information about you from someone else; eg. National Data base, referees you have nominated

read this post here 2.2 What Sort Of Personal Information Do We Collect?

We generally collect very limited amounts of personal information, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, photo ID, income statements and credit card details to allow us to accept payments from you for our products, facilities and services.

difference talking and dating 3. How We Use Your Personal Information

Personal information is collected to provide you with the Facilities, Products, Accommodation and Services You Want.
We tell our customers about the general uses of their information when we collect it and we will provide additional explanation if our customers request it. Primarily, we will use your information to process your application for accommodation within the park. The information you submit to Casey Gardens is used only for the purpose stipulated at the time that the information is collected.

rodgers dating donicca patrick chicago paper 4. Quality of Information

We use technology, continual data verification processes, documented employee procedures and internal monitoring to help ensure that your information is accurate and up-to-date.
We also ask you to contact us and let us know if you believe that any information we hold about you is inaccurate or not up-to-date, such as when you change any business/home contact details. 5. Security of Personal Information
The security of your information is protected by only allowing access to those who need it to conduct their business responsibilities. Casey Gardens employees and contractors are only provided with the information they need to perform their activities. Our employees and contractors are also bound by contract to keep your information confidential. Any personal information that you submit to us is held with the strictest confidence. Casey Gardens uses and implements industry standards for the security and protection of information collected from its users.
Passwords, fire walls and virus protection are used to protect Casey Gardens systems holding personal information from unauthorised access. Security alarms, patrols, access cards and internal procedures are used to protect Casey Gardens premises that house Casey Gardens systems and paper records.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

Casey Gardens has a commitment to protecting the personal information of our customers. This section explains the circumstances where we may disclose your information to other organisations.

7.1 Contractors
Casey Gardens may contract with other parties to provide services on our behalf, for example a qualified plumber to unblock a pipe in a cabin. Casey Gardens may correspond with lawyers to recover debts.
In all circumstances where Casey contracts with other parties to provide services on our behalf, we will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of any of your information disclosed to them.

7.2 Other Disclosure of Information
Casey Gardens is required by law not to reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, licence, share or pass on to any third parties, any personal information that you may have provided to us unless we have your express consent to do so. Casey Gardens will make independent enquiries to verify any information given for short term applicants requiring accommodation which you have requested.
Exceptions to this include:
Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health; and;
Where Casey Gardens is required to provide information in response to Subpoenas or Warrants or other legal process. Casey Gardens may also, as permitted by the Privacy Act, disclose your information where it is necessary. In all other cases, we will not disclose your information unless you have been previously informed or have authorised us to do so.

8. How Long Do We Keep Information?
We will keep information for as long as it is necessary to service your account or to continue to provide products and services you have requested.
We will retain information for a reasonable period if you cease to be our customer, unless the law requires us to keep it for longer.

9. Our Employees and Training
We provide training and communications programs designed to educate employees about the meaning and requirements of this Privacy Charter.
Employees who intentionally or negligently breach this Privacy Charter are subject to disciplinary action.
Employees are expected to report violations and may do so confidentially to their manager or compliance officer.

10. Your Rights Of Access And Correction
You can contact Casey Gardens to request details of any personal information we may hold about you or if you would like us to correct it.
Depending on the nature of your request, we may ask you to complete a Personal Information Access Form, and in some cases, we may charge you a service fee for providing this information. We will inform you of this at the time of your request.

11. How to Complain About a Possible Breach of Privacy
Contact Casey Gardens on 03 9704 7663 during business hours. We may request that you put your complaint in writing.
We will investigate and respond to privacy complaints within a reasonable time.